AProjectManager 1.50

mzl.cbdvjtwr.175x175 75 AProjectManager 1.50 price AProjectManager 1.50 Price: $2.99
category AProjectManager 1.50 Category: Productivity
update AProjectManager 1.50 Updated: Dec 08, 2011
version AProjectManager 1.50 Version: 1.50
size AProjectManager 1.50 Size: 0.4 MB
language AProjectManager 1.50 Languages: English, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Swedish
seller AProjectManager 1.50 Seller: Dong Peng
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icon40 star AProjectManager 1.50 Rated 4+

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

[download link="http://www.mediafire.com/?avru5q1y5z1crhf" smalltext="Last Updated: 12.08.11"]Download Now![/download]


AProjectManager is a Project Manager, easy to input, check tasks. It’s the best project manager app in appstore, you should buy this app, it let you save time.
1. Easy add human resources and add them to a group.
2. Support child task
3. Mail the task to the assignee.
4. Easy check tasks, you can easily check today’s task, all the tasks, in progress tasks, done tasks, etc
5. Gannt chart
6. Add hr from contacts

It’s the best project manager app in appstore, buy this app, time is money, my friends.

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What’s New in Version 1.50

Fixed bugs

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mzl.jjcziiqh.320x480 75 AProjectManager 1.50mzl.ttqvxuvx.320x480 75 AProjectManager 1.50mzl.brwtxtiv.320x480 75 AProjectManager 1.50mzl.claimjyn.320x480 75 AProjectManager 1.50mzl.vpgduxqy.320x480 75 AProjectManager 1.50
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