Capriccio – Ultimate Music Player 1.3.2

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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.

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Still going through the synchronizing process for listening music? Tired of converting all FLAC and other music files which are not supported by iPod? You don’t need any synchronizing and converting with Capriccio! Capriccio offers not only folder system which is not need to do synchronizing process, but also listening all music files in iPod library, 3-dimensional sound effects, study mode, and so on.

* It offers you convenient playing environment: Capriccio offers you two versions of display style. If you want to read the lyrics while listening to music, you can choose “Simple View” style. For people who wants to use various functions with easy and rapid movement, Capriccio also offers you “Modern View” style.

* It offers you high sound quality: Capriccio supports the most popular lossless sound format, FLAC. Furthermore, there are four 3-dimensional sound effects (3D Normal, 3D Concert, 3D Bass, 3D Techno) which make you to feel very exciting. You can also design your personalized effect such as 8-band Equalizer, Reverb, Echo, Chorus, and so on!

* It offers you various playback features: Use capriccio for studying. You can use A-B section repeat, speed, and pitch control, not just for learning languages but for vocal training and other purposes.

* It offers you comfortable managing of your music files: Capriccio offers you file system, so you can manage your music files by folders. Therefore you don’t have to synchronize your files! You can use iTunes File Sharing to add your files, and you can also use Wi-Fi Transfer via HTTP or FTP. Moreover, you can play musics in iPod Library through Capriccio. You can sort musics in iPod Library by albums and artists.

* Other fascinating features:
- Supports making your own playlists to manage your music files. You can also use iPod playlists.
- Supports one button sleep timer.
- Supports remote controller with multi-tasking.
- Supports two ways of shuffle(reorder playlist, randomly select).

* Supporting formats:

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What’s New in Version 1.3.2

[v 1.3.2 Update Info.]

* iPad support
– Capriccio now supports iPad!

* Improved user effect features
– Now Capriccio supports multiple user effects.

* Improved explorer features
– Improved list viewing style.
– Added genre category of iPod library.
– Added a setting that shows Podcast items or not.
– Added a setting that remember current folder of file system or not.

* Improved playback features
– Improved playback stability of music in iPod library when the music is large.
– Added a view that shows current playing music name on top of the display.
– Improved to show current playing music information on lock screen of iOS 5 devices.

Please refer Capriccio website if you want to find information about v 1.3.1 update.
If you have any questions, please write an article on “Forum” menu in the app.

Download latest version of Capriccio – Ultimate Music Player


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