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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

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cWind Sailing Regatta

*** A highly realistic sailing simulator for the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. ***
*** A MUST HAVE for sailing fans. ***
*** The best sailing game. ***

Have fun sailing fantastic boats in 3D in-shore regattas, right from the comfort of your phone and without even getting wet.

In this game, you will use the wind to move your boat fast and win regattas against other boats. You will be the skipper, the helm-man and will also trim the sails.

The main features of this realistic sailing game are:

- Online sailing: sail against real people!
- Or play in ‘solo’ mode: you’ll compete against the computer, with different difficulty levels.
- A perfect way to refine your sailing techniques and tactics, or to learn how to sail in life-like situations.
- For beginners, cWind can coach you from marker to marker, by means of steering helps and progressive tutorials.
- A very complete instruments panel will give you all the data you’ll need to brew a winning tactic and arrive first on the finishing line. But if you find that’s too much, you can switch back to the ‘basics’.
- Several boat types, from a 19th century cutter to the latest Imoca 60 footer. And now a new beach catamaran. The boats have their own characteristics and need to be sailed accordingly.
- Several regatta courses, some easy to start with, others very difficult to complete. Some of the regattas are even more challenging than what you’ll ever encounter on real water! So make sure you choose the right boat for those… and keep her well trimmed at all times!
- The game implements the ISAF racing rules of sailing. Respect them or you’ll be penalised, like in real regattas!
- An on-screen radar will show you a tactical view of the course and will guide you from marker to marker.
- Two game modes: pure regattas, or regattas “with a twist”, where you will hunt for “magic things” on the course to capsize the other boats, steal their wind, give you a turbo boost, and more…

You will have to use the wind and tidal currents to your advantage. You will steer the boat by tilting your phone, and you will trim your sails yourself for maximum speed.

Fair Winds and Following Seas!

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What’s New in Version V1.3

V1.3: correction of a bug on iPhone/iPod Touch running under iOS version 5.0 (squashed screen).

New in V1.2:
- Online regattas – play against real competitors!
- Much improved competition in solo mode (standalone). The computer-controlled boats are much better at sailing. Especially in Expert mode, where their “motivation” is much more obvious.
- Laylines are now shown: on the sea, on the radar or on both.
- A new boat: a beach cat.
- Improved implementation of ISAF racing rules.
- Addition of simplified and enhanced instruments panels.
- All countries are now represented. Sail for the flag of your choice!
- You can now look at the various boats’ polars, so you’ll be able to tune up your routes and tactics.
- And many more hidden gems, as well as several bug fixes!

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