Download RecognizeMe 2.0 iOS 5 Support (Facial Recognition Unlock)

recognizeme Download RecognizeMe 2.0 iOS 5 Support (Facial Recognition Unlock)

If you haven’t heard of RecognizeMe, it is an amazing app that adds the feature to unlock your iPhone with your face. This should work on any device with a front facing camera, but was originally released for the iPhone 4. Now, the tweak has been updated for iOS 5, and has many fixes from the initially bug-ridden release.

The app is fairly simple. After installing, go to the “training” section, and let it take a few pictures of your face with different lighting and angles (so you can use it in more conditions). Then, make sure you have a passcode set, and you should be good to go! You may need to respring if it doesn’t work the first time. Also in the settings app is a slider that allows you to set the verification threshold, or how sensitive you want it to be. From practice, I have found that 60-70% yeilds the best results, letting me into my iPhone most of the time, while keeping others out.

RecognizeMe is available for $2.99 in the Cydia Store, but for once, this is an app that actually deserves it. Especially with the new release, the process is fluid and easy to use, so go and check it out right now!

Download now!

  1. Download iFunbox >> ( Windows , or Cyberduck for MacOS
  2. Run iFunbox and connect your iDevice (iPhone, iPod, iPad or iPad 2)
  3. iFunBox will show your device contents, Now navigate to var/root/Media/
  4. Create the folder Cydia/AutoInstall (if not already created)
  5. Move RecognizeMe.deb file from your desktop to var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall
  6. Reboot your iDevice
  7. Now go to Settings, General, Siri and switch it to on.
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  1. What if I don’t have Siri. I got Ipod Touch 4G . Can I install recognize me 2.0 for free in any other way?

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