mzl.wnxyuvlw.175x175 75 Dozer Timer price Dozer Timer Price: $1.99
category Dozer Timer Category: Health & Fitness
update Dozer Timer Updated: Oct 18, 2011
version Dozer Timer Version: 1.1
size Dozer Timer Size: 10.3 MB
language Dozer Timer Languages: English, German
seller Dozer Timer Seller: Jesko Thiele
copy Dozer Timer 2010 Blattcode and Elenor Arts
icon40 star Dozer Timer Rated 4+

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

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Break alarm and sleeping aid! Fall gently asleep (with fade out) and gentle alarm (fade in) using your playlist. No navigation in the software! You will also stay on one page.
* Musicplayer: play playlist, audiobooks or songs on time
* Fade in/out: play playlist, audiobooks or songs with FADE IN or FADE OUT
* Save: your playlist, audiobooks or songs will be saved with all other settings
* Sleeping aid: repeat songs as long as the counter runs
* Break alarm: make a break between 5 – 180 minutes (ideal for nap)
* Gentle alarm: with a female or male voice
* Forceful awakening: with a beep or voice
* Timer with music: play music in the background
* The app will play music even in suspend mode

More Features:

1. predefined relaxes sound loops for meditation and breaks.
2. Play your playlists with or without alarm and time limitation
3. Gentle wake with female voice
4. Simple intuitive operation
5. No navigation through the software, you’ll always stay on one page
6. Allows you to vary the volume by slowly fade in/out
7. Save your own templates: Quick and easy access to individually generated breaks with playlists, times, volumes, and wake-up sounds

Doze off after time, with pleasant music from their iPod or a meditation loop.
This app helps relax all ages fall asleep or awaken with its perfect fade in/out function

By the fade in / out function, a gentle sleep is possible. Your iPhone(or iPod) can run in suspend mode. With the experience of yoga teachers and therapists, we developed this program and thereby create a basis for effective sleep and relaxation for all age groups.

What’s New in Version 1.1

- Compatibility with iOS5


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