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version Pocket Informant 2.01 Version: 2.01
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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

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Pocket Informant is a fully integrated Calendar and Task solution for your iPhone/iPod Touch that lets you focus on everything you do in a day – not just your Tasks list. With this highly customizable tool, you have the power to change virtually every feature to suit your preferences. The addition of a full-featured Notes tab, and complete Contact management eliminate the need to ever look elsewhere for your organizational purposes. Download today, and experience complete mobile organization; the way it should be!

•Choose from highly customizable views, including: Month, Week, Day, List and Today!
•Event Location mapping at the tap of a button!
•Swipe between Months, Days, and Weeks!
•Calendar Filtering per view!
•Templates for Events!
•Alarms and icons!
•NEW! Supports multiple Google calendars!
•NEW! Swipe to Action lets you choose to share, edit, make a template, or delete your Events!
•NEW! Scrolling tab bar to easily swipe between feature tabs!
•NEW! Photo and Contact linking!

•Choose between Toodledo, GTD, or Franklin Covey Task modes; or create your own system!
•Task Grouping!
•Pre-made filters to quickly find Active, In Progress, Due, Undated, Overdue, Completed, and Completed Today Tasks!
•Location-based Alerts for Tasks! Receive an audible alert when in the vicinity of your context-based Task, and choose to complete or save for later!
•Alarms and Icons!
•NEW! Smart Groups allow you to create your own groups for more precise filtering!
•NEW! Photo and Contact linking!
•NEW! Swipe to Action allows you to choose to star, share via email, edit star/end dates, delete, or make a template from your Task!

NEW! Notes:
Notes is a comprehensive, stand-alone feature that allows you to record written or voice Notes.
•Photo and Contact linking!
•When creating a Note you may choose the following labels (or none at all): Folder, Tags, Calendar or Icon!
•Swipe to Action allows you to star, share via email, or delete your Note!
•Pre-made filters for easy search!

With complete Contacts integration, you can fully edit your Contacts without leaving the app!
•Customizable, scrolling Contacts photos in landscape mode!
•NEW! Make phone calls directly from the app!
•NEW! Swipe to Action allows you to create Events/Tasks connected to Contacts!

Sync your information for seamless access on the go! Auto-sync will sync your changes immediately up to the server, and new items from the server sync down every 45 minutes (while PI is running, or next time it runs).
Google Calendar Sync:
•NEW! Supports Multiple Google calendars!
•Syncs Google Alarms!
•Syncs shared calendars!
•Supports meeting Requests!

Toodledo Sync:
•Does not require Pro memberships!
•Syncs Toodledo alarms! (Must be a Pro user to sync different alarm times)
•Syncs Tasks, Folders, Contexts and Notes!
•Supports Sub-Tasks!

Google Task Sync:
•NEW! Syncs with Google Tasks for more complete integration!

Native iOS Calendar Access:
•Requires iOS 4.0 and above
•Calendar Events only – No Tasks

With highly customizable views and features, there’s no need to ever leave the app for your organizational needs. With the swipe of a finger, or the touch of a button, you can add, edit, share or delete your information.

For years, these and numerous other features have made Pocket Informant a must-have application for school teachers, soccer moms, salesmen and executives alike.

Localizations: English, German, Italian, and French. New Languages will be added in future releases.

Check us out on Twitter: @webis_mobile

GTD® and Getting Things Done® are registered trademarks of the David Allen Company. Pocket Informant and WebIS are not affiliated with or endorsed by the David Allen Company.

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What’s New in Version 2.01

Thanks to the feedback of our many customers via support and our forum we have prepared this update to take care of most of the issues reported. These improvements include, but are not limited to the following:

-Fixed issue creating alarms that fire > 1 day prior to calendar item
-Fixed issue with using Date Picker on All Day events
-Fixed issue with selecting the last day of some months in Date Picker
-Improvements to Contacts Handling
-Fixed issue creating 0 duration iOS events
-Fixes to the handling of recurring subtasks
-Fixed issue with editors using TextExpander
-Sync improvements
-Improvements to data migration process from 1.x to 2.x
-Localization improvements
-Several stability & memory use improvements

Original 2.0 Upgrade Notes:
2.0 is a major upgrade over version 1.68 with a different database and sync engine. We strongly recommend you backup your database first before upgrading.

Here are just a few of the changes:
➜ Complete new database engine
➜ Contacts View
➜ Notes View
➜ Audio Notes
➜ Simplified Editors for Events and Tasks
➜ Scrolling, Configurable Tab Bar
➜ Swipe to Action
➜ Attachments for Events and Tasks
➜ Day View now supports Tasks
➜ Expandable/Collapsible Sub-Tasks
➜ Per view Calendar Filters
➜ Smart Groups for Tasks
➜ New Date Picker
➜ Password protection available
➜ Google Task Sync
➜ Toodledo Sync is now encrypted for Pro users
➜ Sync meta data with Google and Toodledo
➜ Many other minor improvements throughout.

Upgrade Notes:
• WDS users must get WDS 2.0 (free upgrade) from our website before upgrading. PI 2.0 will upgrade your local WDS-synched events/tasks into a read-only format until you can sync with WDS 2.0.
• Any known issues will be posted here: http://kb.webis.net/questions/220/2.0+Known+Issues

Download latest version of Pocket Informant (Calendar, Tasks, Notes, Contacts)


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