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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

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TeacherTool is by far the most advanced yet easy-to-use teacher’s organization tool for iPhone and iPod Touch. TeacherTool scores 5 of 5 stars in the German Appstore. According to our users, it’s “A software pearl for teachers” / “Simply genious” / “Very useful” / “Excellent” and…: “Grading is real fun with it!”.

TeacherTool is a teacher‘s gradebook, calendar, notebook and course register in your pocket, always available, always complete, always up to date.

TeacherTool saves grades and makes suggestions for end-of-term or mid-term grades. TeacherTool saves your remarks about students and presents them to you in the upcoming lesson. It remembers the date of any grade and lets you store comments along with it. TeacherTool keeps track of your students‘ absences and reminds you if they are unexcused, it knows your timetable and therefore knows where you are teaching, and adapts the startup screen accordingly, showing you all the items that could be of interest that day. TeacherTool lets you carry a course register to take notes of everything that happens during your lessons – and, finally, it knows your students in as much details as you like: their names, pictures, phone numbers, email and all other contact information that your iPhone Address Book can hold.

In brief: TeacherTool centralizes, simplifies and speeds up your administrative and organizational work. It is much safer than your traditional notebook, as with every synchronization on your Mac or Windows PC, you save an up-to-date backup copy of all your data. A lost notebook is gone forever – a backup restoration takes just a mouse click.

Have a look at www.teachertool.us or www.teachertool.de for more information.

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What’s New in Version 3.0.0


TeacherTool evolves into UniversalApp

Fully customized user interface on the iPad:
+ Any device orientation possible (portrait, landscape)
+ Direct access to all courses and class schedules
+ Direct access to all performance data
+ Easy modification of the grade structure by direct insertion into the parental categories
+ Improved comparability of grades by matrix representation
+ Full integration of the seating chart in performance view, absenteeism list and comment list
+ You can use TeacherTool on your iPhone / iPod and on your iPad at the same time at no additional cost – there are no new, fee-based “HD” extra versions!

TeacherTool Networking

+ Data mirroring between multiple TeacherTools via WLAN
+ If you work on multiple devices (e.g. iPhone and iPad), you can easily synchronize data sets
+ If you have colleagues who also use TeacherTool, you can easily exchange classes/courses and age groups among yourselves (e.g., as a home room teacher, you can “collect” performance data from other colleagues)
+ Highly tap-proof, secure data transfer with password protection

New Design

+ Consistent new, sleeker look of the interface
+ Better color definition of categories and grades through gradients
+ Supports all device orientations (portrait, landscape) on all screens

Improvements in the grading area

+ Each grade can now be annotated with its own grading system
+ Calculation accuracy now with “rounding up to level / tenths / hundredths”
+ Storage of the creation date of each grade
+ Option to edit the final grade parameters, as with categories (especially rounding, output format, etc.)
+ New general grading systems: emoticons / emoji, (+ +) – (–) – system, Points 100-0
+ New grading systems: Switzerland half grades, Austria quarter grades, Venezuela
+ Alert levels according to national specifications / varies depending on grading system
+ Display of hierarchy levels in the grade structure if parental category has been set

Lesson plan

+ If an entry exists for the current day, you will be directed to this entry automatically.
+ Automatic calculation of absenteeism statistics, showing the percentage of all student absences
+ Identification of missed/lost periods
+ Automatic generation of a lesson plan entry, if at least one student was absent on that day.

Additional detail enhancements

+ Support for iTunes file sharing: all exported documents can be downloaded from your iPhone directly (without using Email) and all imports can be done by putting the files into the file sharing folder (without using Email attachments)
+ If an error occurs while loading the preferences, TT will load the default values
+ All dates will be formatted according to the regional settings
+ New lesson plan templates now include two pages each for notes and absenteeism, as well as two additional pages in the lesson plan
+ Pictures on index cards appear larger than before

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