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version TimeTracker   Time Sheet Version: 2.01
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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

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Track the time spent on the job with this powerful, easy to use app. TimeTracker is your all-inclusive full featured app that even extends to your desktop. It’s a must have app that will simplify your life and save you money! Give it a try and see…

TimeTracker is your all-inclusive time tracking and reporting application. Its ease of use, full features and great interface make it an essential tool for any iPhone or iPad user needing to track their time spent on the job. Its power does not end at the device but extends to the desktop by allowing emailing or exporting of Excel friendly files directly to the desktop. It’s so easy to use!

Features include:

✔ Records all of time spent and provides a running total for each log
✔ Organize your entries in logs for ideal organization
✔ Hide those fields you do not use
✔ Keeps a frequently used list for appropriate fields like “Client”, “Project” and “Description” and presents those when entering for one tap entry
✔ Mark a log as “reimbursed” or “submitted”
✔ Always remembers the last log you edited and returns you there upon returning to the app
✔ Logs can be filed into groups to further organize your information
✔ Sort time entries by “Date” or by “Client”

✔ Enter total time or start/stop time. Choose from a customizable list of times.
✔ Enter breaks taken and have them deducted from your total time worked.
✔ Includes client field and support for sorting and exporting by client. Ideal for those who must bill different clients

✔ Numerous user defined preferences to customize the app the way you like it.
✔ Unlimited customizable pay rates.
✔ Customized the most frequently used hours worked (customize frequent break times too).

✔ Email your time sheet reports in either plain text or comma delimited (CSV) format for easy import to Excel or Numbers
✔ Export your reports directly to your Mac or PC via a Wi-Fi connection and have your file immediately appear on your desktop
✔ Specify the fields to be exported and the order in which they appear in the file
✔ Time Sheet reports can be customized by filtering and sorting as you choose

✔ Backup/restore so your data will always be safe
✔ Includes password protection option to prevent unauthorized access to your data.

Add-on features:
✔ Purchase the optional Dropbox/MobileMe add-on for access to your Dropbox or MobileMe account
✔ Purchase the optional Sync add-on to add the ability to sync wirelesly with another iOS device (ie your iPhone and iPad)

✔ Many more screenshots on our website: www.silverwaresoftware.com

Also by Silverware: XpenseTracker, TravelTracker, TravelTracker Pro, FlightUpdate, FlightUpdate Pro and BizXpense.

Questions/comments? For a fast reply, email us at support@silverwaresoftware.com

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What’s New in Version 2.01

2.01 is a minor update with bug fixes.

Great features added in 2.0 include:
* NEW – Create attractive, finished Time Sheets in PDF format. Choose from two different templates.
* NEW – Customize the display of the entries and choose which field appears on the second line for the entry.
* NEW – Choose to display times in hours/minutes or decimal format.
* NEW – Specify a default wage for each log.
* NEW – Specify a rounding preference when recording times.
* NEW – Now shows total earned for each log when displaying Log view screen.
* FIXED – minor bugs fixed.


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