Use iphone 4S’s Siri on non-4s device

siri non 4s Use iphone 4S’s Siri on non 4s device

If you want to use iphone 4S’s Siri on your iphone 4, how to do? here is a tutorial for show you how install and use AssistantConnect4S on your older iphone or ipodtouch.

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Step 1: Install Spire on your older idevice. Once installed, then go to Settings > General > enable Siri. Then Install AssistantConnect on your iPhone 4.

Step 2: Install AssistantConnect4S on an iPhone 4S, then open the AssistantConnect4S app.

Step 3: Reboot iPhone 4S.

Step 4: Open AssistantConnect4S on your iphone 4S, and then open Siri, and ask her anything. Once Siri responds, tap the “Email Siri Data” button, and email the data to your older iOS device. Make sure the attachment has a file size that it’s not empty.

Step 5: On your older iOS device, open the email sent from the iPhone 4S, then open the attachment. Tap the “AssistantConnect” button. AssistantConnect will open to a dialogue that says “File Copied” and “AssistantConnect File Loaded Successfully”. Tap Dismiss, go to your Home screen, and respring or reboot your device.

Step 6: Once you have completed the above steps, then hold your Home button to invoke Siri and ask her anything. once Siri responds, you already have an “iPhone 4S”.

Download assistantConnect4S .deb file
Download assistantConnect .deb file


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  1. i did all that .
    it showing me spire not configured
    open settings to configure proxy server

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